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If you keep asking yourself the same questions, “How to grow my business?”, “How to increase more followers?”, “How to improve my business by a website?”, then, you are at the right place! Do not hesitate, we can respond to all your questions and our experts can turn dreams into reality.

Your first impression is the most important thing! So, you won’t get a second chance to make a first impression.

As with people, as with business, so with websites! That is why your Homepage or First page of your website is very important to be attractive for viewers or users!

If the design of your Homepage is brilliant, then there is a 90% of chance that the new visitor is going to stay on your website, if it is the opposite, then….

If any new client want to explore your website, then the virtual front door should be so intriguing that he has to browse and search the website to see everything you have to offer. But, if you don’t offer to your customers anything catchy they will just press”X” button and leave the page.

Unfortunately, in this case, people judge a book by its covers.

You can easily solve all of these doubts if you hire Homepage Design experts who are available 24 hours per day!

We will give you some useful tips on how you can improve your web design for the Homepage and how to attract more potential clients and it is really important to optimize your Cover web page according to these tips.

Here is one example of an excellent and engaging Front page of the website which is consisted of all important elements!

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1. What should contain your First page of a website?

It should be consisted of basic information about your company. For instance, Who I am, What do I do, What can I offer you…You should have in your mind that you are not “BMW”. BMW do not have to explain who they are, but you should. The visitor must be sure that he is in the right place, so, write basic information about your job and services those you are offering.

2. What makes the First page great and what should be content of it?

- Corresponding use of imagery

- Inspiring and creative layouts

- The use of videos

- The use of colors

- Social media link buttons

- Menu navigation bars

- Striking company logo

- Enjoyable background music

3. The design have to pull up the target audience!

The design of the website should show the main purpose of your business and you should convince a new visitor that ”you are what he needs”! So, the design depends on your field of work. It may be cheerful, minimalistic, and elegant and so on, and can help you to find your costumers. Your goal is to keep your customers with your front page, not to competitors’ pages!

4. The design is optimized for multiple devices, desktop, tablet and self-phone!

You should have in your mind that you cannot create Homepage only for one device! Today, our customers are demanding and very high tech. You have to optimize your cover of the website that visitors are able to navigate easily no matter what kind of gadgets they are using. Make sure that nothing interferes with the page’s browsing. Customize easy-to-use menus on all devices.

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5. Navigation of the first page

When you design Homepage, navigation is the key, it’s essentially the map that displays the places those users can visit.

There is nothing worse than a site with a disorganized or very confusing navigation interface. When you improve or create your website’s navigation, it’s important to ensure that your visitors can easily find what they are looking for. Some characteristics of a lean navigation bar include streamlined content, navigation hierarchy, and responsive design, so the experience doesn’t drastically change on mobile. If users cannot find what they are looking for, they have no reason to stay on your site. Instead, they will certainly find a competitor that offers a better user experience.

6. The design includes an invitation to move on!

Do not forget, the goal of your Homepage is to make visitors to dig deeper and to explore your whole website! So, get them attention, for example, “free trial”, “Schedule a demo”, “buy now”, “Action price”, “Explore more”, “Learn more”…

7. Pay attention, include social share and following buttons!

You have an excellent content of web site but you missed out social share buttons! Pity! You are missing a lot of social network traffic and so, you are missing a lot of new customers.

If you did not know, social sharing buttons are the small buttons that are around the top or bottom of blog posts. They contain icons of different social media website and allow you to share the page directly on the social media channel of your choice.

8. The design of the cover of website is always changing!

You should listen to the needs of your target group of people. The most visited home pages are not static. The most First pages change according to client needs, problems and issues and you should follow those.

There are some websites examples of the best Homepages Design in the world: (screenshoot).

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Why it is a brilliant Homepage design?

· It’s a super simple design with a strong dark color, no-jargon headline and sub-headline.

· The First page gives off a secure but strong vibe, which is important for a product that handles SEO and web design information.

· It also contains simple, direct, and compelling call-to-action copy: “Start now” , “Explore”, The CTA design is also brilliant -”Play button”

2. Citroen orgins

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Why it is a amazing First page design?

· It’s simple and straight to the point — it does not have the headline or sub-headline, just a basic menu. The very simple Homepage design with all types of Citroen’s cars. Very simple and effective.

· It also gives easy access to Citroen’s cars thought car icons. Also, you may hear the engine of every car and you can dive in Citroen’s world through their amazing website.

· It’s easy to get in touch — two of their primary calls-to-action.

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Why it is a amazing First page design?

· Ecommerce homepage design can get tricky. Do you introduce the business, show off your flagship product, or overwhelm your audience with tons of products or categories?

· In case, the homepage goes for a seasonal approach. Apparently, shoe style is in (at least for women), so we see a custom graphic that advertises lots of shoe fashions available. The navigation is hefty but cleanly designed, so visitors can easily find the categories that interest them.

3. Empressgin

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Why it is a amazing First page design?

· The images show, rather than tell, one of the company’s value propositions: a desktop site and mobile app that move with you.

· They used colorful background only with one bottle of their product. The website does not have headline or many but if you scroll down you can explore more.


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